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Upcoming E-Recycling Events

We have two upcoming events that you will want to know about that gives you, the general public, the opportunity to drop off your retired and obsolete electronics (except no TVs, please).  These events are on a Saturday between two competing schools with the goal of beating their competitor by bringing in the most electronics.  Pick your Saturday and pick your favorite school from the two below.

Saturday, December 2nd at the Albuquerque Academy located at 6400 Wyoming Blvd. NE, in Albuquerque from 9 AM until noon.
Saturday, December 9th at the Sandia Prep located at 532 Osuna Road NE, 87113 from 9 AM until noon.

Some nominal fees may apply to a few items so plan on having a little cash with you or bring your credit card.  For a list of accepted items, please visit our website page Accepted Items.  Since TVs are not accepted at events, if you have one for recycling, please bring it to us during normal operating hours.  Leave the item in your vehicle and come into the office.  We will direct our staff to unload your vehicle for you.  The TV will be weighed and there is a recycling fee of $0.45 per pound.  All TVs are shipped to a recycling center out-of-state for EPA approved processing that protects human health and our precious environment.

E-Recycling Events Information

Albuquerque Recycling, Inc. has chosen recycling partners within the community to ensure that the general public has the convenience of recycling their unwanted electronics on a Saturday.  These events are well planned and organized for a successful outcome and are scheduled for specific times of the year.

We have conducted events with our recycling partners throughout the state to help plan and facilitate; load, collect and transport electronics to our facility for processing.  To date, we have participated in and officially conducted hundreds of events.  Check back in the spring and fall to learn about the next upcoming event.  You may also "like" us on Facebook and get notifications.


Call or email us today to schedule a collection pick up, plan a recycling event, or inquire about our services.

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